Digital Services

Photos to CD

                Your precious photos will be scanned to CD at a resolution high enough to print

                an 11 X 14 print. This will include a CD jewel case and a personalized label with

                the title and/or date of your choosing. What a great way to preserve those

                memories for years to come! Only top quality Kodak CDs are used.

                24 photos for $30.00 + shipping if applicable

                36 photos for $40.00 + shipping if applicable

  Digital Trading Cards

                Give us your best sports photo (or hire me to come to your son's or daughter's

                game to take some for you) and we'll turn them into a trading card they won't

                forget! Laminated in clear plastic to last a lifetime. Many cool card designs to

                choose from. Great for gifts!

                5 trading cards for $20.00

  Photos Laminated

                Do you have a special photo you'd like to keep forever? Make sure nothing will

                ruin that photo by laminating it in clear plastic. We will laminate your favorite

                photos up to 8" x 10".

                3x5 or 4x6 laminated photo $3.00

                5x7 laminated photo $7.00

                8x10 laminated photo $10.00